Online Tribes Groups : Links

Celtic Hunt - Directory of Celtic organizations, groups, etc.

Spiral Scouts - Scouting for Kids of "minority faiths"

Maine Pagan - Wiki for Pagans in the State of Maine

Deiuokara - Celtic Network USA, group

Warrior Wolves - Pagan Warriors with wolf totems.

Avalon College - College of Druidic Studies

Isle of Avalon Foundation - Spiritual Training - Articles about many different faiths.

Ciarrade - Tribe

Fhaoil-Choin - Tribe

Sinnsreachd - Tribe of the sinnsreachd movement

Multi-cultural Polytheistic Hearth - forum for Reconstructionis Faiths

Croman's Grove - Tribe / Information Center

Marc Gunn - Bard

Celtic Studies Association of North America - eductation only

An Droichead / The Bridge - Celtic Art & Artists

Cruachan - Irish Celtic metal bards

New World Celts - Organization, non-pagan

Celtic Women - Women's Group

Clannada - Information Center

Na Creidmhigh Celtic Evolutionism - Group

MySpace Groups

Omnia - Ancient Historical Music Group

Sinsreachd Learning List - Supported by The Confederation of Gaelic Tribes