The Celts had high regard for many things and they practiced these doctrines during their everyday life and built their social and religious structure with them. The Red Branch Society continues the tradition and the following states exactly what we hold in high regard as well.
One tradition the Red Branch Society will sick to so strictly is the writing down of history and traditions as this did not seem to be beneficial to the preservation of Celtic culture.

Regardless of the Celts not writing much down they were in fact educated people, choosing to memorize their histories and law instead. They did have language and knew alphabets. They put their scholars and educated individuals at the top of the list along with their warriors. Knowledge was very special to the Celts.

Family & Community
Family and service to the community was huge among the Celts. They were a society made of tribes and families that followed the same social and religious ideals. They were not a united nation, nor did they have a government. They simply had a standard that everyone agreed with and followed. Family was very important to them as was the rest of their community. The family (or tuath) was responsable for itself and its prosperity. People within the community relied on each other for survival and cultural progress.

As mentioned before, Celtic warriors had a high standing within their society as bravery and courage was quite revered.

Truth & Justice
One could say that anything but truth would be disrespectful and shameful. The Celts believed very much in equality and one's personal freedoms. Not being truthful or getting justice would infringe apon that right.
We expect everyone within the Society to be truthful and fair to one another. We also encourage everyone to seek their own truths, and to not conform or take part in anything unless you truly beleive in it. Do not let others pressure you and do not choose things based on popularity. Make choices your soul, heart, and mind help you to choose. If you close youself to your own truths, you will loose your individuality and your uniqueness, you will loose yourself.

Respect, Loyalty, & Honour
Honour, loyalty, and respect, put simply refers to the "Golden Rule" that is found in almost every culture. "Do to others as they would have done to you" applies for the Celts, but at the same time so does "eat or be eaten."
We expect everyone within the Society to be respectful of others and encourage persuing honorable tasks (like volunteering for example; violent or hurtful protesting is NOT honourable).

The Celts seemed to have an interest in everything, including strangers. Celtic and Gaelic hospitality is well known even now. To this day, strangers are welcomed in to the homes of Gaels happily.

Additional Qualities
One additional quality that Celts have very high regard for is appearance. You could even say they were a bit vain. This section is separate from the doctrines for obvious reasons, however it is vital to know this information when truly following the Celtic ideology. Specific information on what was acceptable among the Celts is outlined in this article.