Book List

Duffy, Kevin. Who Were the Celts? -: - 0000
One of the more complete sources out there covering information from ancient times to modern, ancient Celts to the modern Gaels.

Caesar, Gaius Julius. Ceasar's Gallic War Philidelphia: David McKay 1895
The infamous report of the war between Julius Ceasar and the Gauls accounted by Ceasar. Abviously the above publishing data is modern since Ceasar was born in 100 BC. A real piece of history- an ancient literary work.

Ferguson, Diana. The Magickal Year United Kingdom: Labyrinth Publishing Limited 1996
Sub-titled A Pagan Perspective on the Natural World. Follow a year full of modern traditions and learn their pagan roots. The author does an adequate job covering the material in a non-bias manner. The book does not favor one path or another and covers traditions from all around the world- specifically where the lore began for that tradition. Exellent source for general information.

Haywood, John and Cunliffe, Barry. Atlas of the Celtic World London: Thames & Hudson Ltd. 2001
Wonderfully compiled with excellent maps and images.

Paschel, Lisa. A Practical Guide to the Runes St. Paul, Minn.: Llewellyn Publications 1989/2001
Instructional book on rune divination, not a historical referance source.