About RBS

So many people today are caught up in the romance of what they think ancient Celtic culture was because of stereotypes, pop culture, etc. Poor or inaccurate information leads to many misconceptions and therefor a fictional history. One major goal of the Red Branch Society is to preserve and respect those ancient traditions and ideals more strictly than the many other Celtic social groups out there today. The problem resulting in a false history begins with lack of information and continues its incorrectness when people put their own spin on it or change the story all together in order to suit their own wants. The Red Branch Society does not expect that all modern day people will like how the Celts' lifestyle really was. It was another time then. People of today do not seem to always appreciate the freedoms they have and are comfortable with their false securities. The Celts were much different. They loved feasting, singing, story telling, art, and other merryment but they also had a "darker side." They enjoyed war, they collected the heads of their enemies, and they were vain when it came to their appearance. Celts took pride in their lives and their personal and tribal values.

Many pagan groups out there are overly involved with politics, sometimes to no fault of their own because of the world we live in today. Unfortunately, some groups have become zealous in defence of their beliefs. The Red Branch Society aspires to be true to antiquated Celtic doctrine and strongly opposes fanaticism. We are not liberally inclined like many pagan groups are, as the Celts of yesteryear would not have been liberal had they been taken from their time and put into this one. But we also do not agree with all conservative views as that would not be appropriate either.

The Red Branch Society is about:

  • Finding one's own truth and self.
  • Cultural explorations of Celtic and Gaelic Nations of the past.
  • Adhering to old Celtic ideaologies.

The Red Branch Society is NOT about:

  • Witchcraft, spell casting, etc.
  • Promotion of any other social, cultural, or religious group.
  • Radical or zealous ideas or practices.

The Red Branch Society supports:

  • The right to defend oneself by any means resonable or neccessary.
  • The right to survive and live a happy and healthy life.
  • The right to be free and make one's own decisions.
  • The right to control ones own body, mind, spirit, life, and death.
  • The right to practice ones own religion.
  • The right to particpate in tribalism.
  • The right to eat meat, poultry, dairy, or fish products or not.
  • Judgement and promotion based on character and not race, gender, age, etc.
  • Physical fitness, good hygiene, and a positive self-image.
  • Giving to the community.
  • Replenishing natural resources.
  • Honor, loyalty, truth, respect, courage, justice, and hospitality.
  • Preservation of endangered resources in a peaceful and productive manner.

The Red Branch Society does NOT support:

  • Fanaticism
  • Fascism, Racism, or any other unearned betterment of an individual or group.
  • Terrorism and Eco-terrorism
  • Restriction of thoughts, opinions, or speach.
  • Violent protesting.
  • Ignorance, cruelness, smugness, superficial concerns, selfishness, disrespect, or laziness.